Summer 2021 Update

It's been a while since the last post. Summer has been an interesting time, both in terms of music and in terms of Web 3 exploration. Released two tracks, went semi-viral on TikTok for a mashup, and finally properly sold an NFT.



Released two mashups this summer: Invincible Swish (A Punjabi Rap x Hip-Hop mashup) and Rowdy Baby x Param Sundari (a kuthu mashup of Hindi and Tamil). The latter after receiving a rave response on TikTok, with tons of covers. Links below:



Audiovisual Content


Rowdy Baby x Param Sundari

The key audiovisual release this summer was the mashup of Rowdy Baby x Param Sundari, which at current count is at more than 25k plays and 70 covers on TikTok so far! The sound is available on TikTok, Reels, and Shorts!


Some standout covers of the Rowdy Baby x Param Sundari Mix were:


Check out all the TikTok covers on the link to the sound!


Additional Audiovisual Content


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Web 3 Exploration


Finally accepted the bid for my NFT from March during the recent dip where $ETH prices hit close to $1,800.  You can read about the process of minting that NFT here.


Below are some of my favorite pieces around the intersection of Web 3 and art that I read this summer:


Most Played Songs