Margib is a Musician, Singer, Producer, and DJ based in New York City.

Prior to his foray into electronic music production and DJing, he had a wide-ranging music career from Indian semiclassical singing, harmonium, concert percussion, a cappella, beatboxing, and running a live band. Throughout that time he honed an interest in melodies and music across a wide variety of languages.

He then picked up House DJing, then DJing for Indian dance focused events, and released a wide number of extremely popular mashups melding sounds from Indian music to Afrobeats to Latin to EDM to Arabic to Persian. During that time he DJ’d events across America, rocking crowds with the latest and greatest in Indian music, Latin, Top 40, Hip Hop, and EDM. Depending on the event his sets feature a wide range of genres and languages with crowd favorites guaranteed to get you grooving.

In this newest leg of the journey he is focused production-wise on crafting danceable and melodic tracks across house subgenres.

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