March 2021 Update

March has been an eventful month, make sure to stay tuned on updates by following on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and via Email!


Music Releases

Like many others, I was entranced by the new Tamil independent song "Enjoy Enjaami", which at time of publication is right around ~70MM views. Incredible track. Given that the song has a strong afrobeats vibe, I first tested out a mix of it with "Dumebi" by Rema on TikTok, and then given strong reception, released a full version in Audius, and (due to upload difficulty) a shortened version on Soundcloud. Check them out here: Audius / Soundcloud


Audiovisual Releases

The chief audiovisual release of this month was my first NFT - click here to read my post about the NFT minting process. 


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Short Video Releases are listed below, make sure to follow on Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube to get these as they drop!

Enjoy Enjaami x Dumebi : TikTok / Reels / YouTube

Obsessed x Mashallah: TikTok / YouTube

Ghar More Pardesiya x Mann Mandira: TikTok / Reels

Lamberghini x Brown Munde: TikTok / Reels / YouTube



April is set to be a big month as I have collaborations with Nachle Deewane, Origins Classical Championship, and an unannounced third competition in the works for the month. Its going to be a whole lot of new music, across some very diverse languages and genres, so make sure your passport is up to date.