April 2021 Update

Musical Releases

Released music in partnership with three dance competitions this month: Cybernaach (Mixtape w/ Dholi Ram), Origins (Mixtape ft. Dr. Srimix, kRRn Mixes, Swizzee, and KaVi), and Nachle Deewane (Bhangra Competition Mix)!

Audiovisual Content

Web 3.0 Exploration

  • Bitclout – Joined Bitclout, a decentralized alternative to twitter allowing for investment in and speculation on profiles. Been playing around with posting on there and investing in creator coins. Shoutout to Amanimal for the invite and seed investment on there. Check out my Bitclout profile here.
  • Y.at – Yat allows for users to create emoji usernames that function as website addresses, with planned expansions for these to be used for payments. I copped a site at: https://y.at/🎡πŸ”₯πŸ’ΎπŸ‡
  • Ethereum World – Ethereum World is a social app meant to be a center for people participating in the Ethereum ecosystem to participate. I set up a profile here, but have not been super active yet. Check out my profile here.
  • Creator X Crypto Summit – I attended this summit, which had discussions on a lot of interesting topics including NFTs, DAOs, Social Tokens and more. I blogged about my Day 2 and Day 3 notes earlier in April.
  • Cryptovoxels Parties – I attended a couple of parties in the Cryptovoxels metaverse put on by @TheWIPmeetup.eth. Highly recommend, they have cool music and awesome metaverse venues. Perhaps in the next couple of years a Margib set might happen in the metaverse!
  • Racket – Racket is an audio-centered social media, with the goal of creating what appears to be an audio version of twitter. Follow me at my profile there!
  • Cent.co – Cent.co is a marketplace allowing for users to buy tweets as NFTs. I started the bidding to buy my good friend Dr. Srimix’s viral tweet here. As gas fees on the ETH blockchain are declining, and set to decline further with a looming L2 release, could be a very interesting auction.

Most Listened To Tracks This Month