February 2021 Update

February was a month marked by one major release and a few assorted TikTok and Reels snippets released.

The major release of February was the “2021 Telugu Vibes Mixtape” which has gotten some rave reviews! For all the audio links, please check the blogpost for the mixtape release.

Among the TikTok/Reels mixes, the most recent was the Fortnite Song / Bang Bang (TikTok, Reels) mix that combined a viral Fortnite parody of Estelle’s “American Boy” with the Bollywood song “Bang Bang. It was started and ended as a bit of a joke, but those songs go together incredibly well.

Top Tucker x Blockbuster (TikTok, Reels) was a kuthu combo- the new Bollywood/Kollywood banger “Top Tucker” mixes well with the Telugu banger “Blockbuster”. This one inspired some awesome choreo, getting tens of thousands of views. Check Harini’s take (TikTok, Reels) as well as Aaryan Kharel’s (TikTok), with more covers on the TikTok sound.

Last up was a TikTok mashup with the popular song “Beat It” by P. A. Teezy mashed up with “Adhiya” by Karan Aujla and, given that it was TikTok, had to end it with a little Pop Smoke, specifically “Mood Swings”. Check it out here!

2021 Telugu Vibes Mixtape

2021 Telugu Vibes Mixtape now out on the platforms below. Includes 11 minutes of vibey Tollywood mashups, including a few crowd favorites from TikTok! Make sure to LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE across the following platforms to keep up with more Margib updates.




TikTok Mixes Featured:


January 2021 Update

January was a month without much music, but watch out for a mixtape release next week! Q1 and early Q2 will also feature collaborations with some big dance competitions!


Made a small appearance in the Pitt Dhirana 2021 Mixtape, hosted by G-Tam, and also featuring Swizzee. The mixtape is available on Soundcloud, Audius, Audiomack, and Mixcloud!


Continuing to get more of my own collection on Audius, and launched three playlists: All Margib Uploads, Telugu mixes, and Punjabi mixes.


Additionally, released a few TikToks and Instagram reels of mix concepts, make sure to follow at:


Below is a snippet from a mix of Atif Aslam and Ariana Grande, was released on IG and TikTok in January, that got some great responses.

December 2020 Update

Happy to announce:

  • Two recent releases
    • Future House remix of “Nobody” by NOTD for a recent contest. Available to stream currently on Soundcloud!
  • Launch of my presence on Audius – follow me at https://audius.co/MargibMusic/ and looking forward to participating more in the space at the intersection of the blockchain and music!
  • A big update to the website, with much more to come in future months!